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MONTANA  Fall  Tournament


Bar IX !!


MONTANA  Fall  Tournament


Runs Oct 1st – Nov 30th
Finals Dec 11th at Bar IX


Bonus Points:                   
20 Bonus points will be given for each game played at
Bar IX  (7 – 8p & 8 – 9p Fridays)


Cash prizes for the Top 2 winning teams at finals !!
1st Place = $1,500   |   2nd Place = $500


The top 10 Teams will be invited to the Finals


Teams may register for the tournament by registering on this page (please use a working email adr & phone number as the invite will be emailed and texted to you).

Teams must use the same team name throughout the tournament.

The team maximum of eight players will be strictly enforced during the tournament. Teams which attend a GNL Trivia event with nine or more players will be required to split up, even if the team in question is registered.

Teams are encouraged to attend as many GNL Trivia events as possible during league play. A current, full schedule is printed on our score sheet as well as at

Scores will be updated weekly by Tuesday, located at the bottom of this page.

Teams must attend the GNL Trivia Finals to be eligible for any prize consideration. At least one core member of an invited team must be present.

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MONTANA  2021 Fall Tournament Standings