The Razzies

We all know about The Oscars. Each year people that make more money then we’ll ever see, dress up in weird gowns, walk down a red rug, and then sneer at each other when they don’t win whatever award for best male philanthropist in a documentary about steamboats. You...

Forget the Superbowl…check out the Hooligans

  In America we love sports but not as much as Europeans love soccer. It’s just not the same. Sure Philly fans get a bit rowdy. When an NHL team wins, there might be a few cars overturned or windows broken. We love our teams but not as much as Europeans love...

The Endless Odssey that is Ali Baba Dot Com

If you are looking for the greatest time waster in the world, look no further. The internet is filled with wonders and treasures. is one of the best. If you read the Arabian Nights tales you will know the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. While Ali...

New Years Resolution: Eat Fast Food

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to eat less fast food. I don’t eat a lot of it. Probably one trip every two or three weeks. I’m a bit overweight but it’s not due to the fast food. Mostly it’s me not exercising enough and eating...

Beware of Southern Florida

Nowhere in the United States is the new more strange than southern Florida. Maybe it’s a combination of heat and humidity but what happens down there is off-the-wall odd. For your enjoyment here are a few tales from 2017. Back in November a 53 year old woman decided...

The Danger of Toilets

First let me say that if you have been injured by a toilet please tell us the story in the comments below! We recently featured a tie breaker question in our trivia game about the number of injuries people sustain form toilets each year. Approximately 40,000! That is...


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