Join Our

2022 UTAH Summer Tournament!



Sponsored by:

Saltfire Brewing Co, Hopkins Brewing Co, and Bewilder Brewing Co

June 1st – July 31st
Finals at SaltFire Brewing Co, August 21st (doors open at noon, game starts at 1pm)

15 bonus points awarded for each game played at Bewilder Brewing (Wednesdays at 7 & 8pm) and Hopkins Brewing (Tuesdays at 7 and 8pm)

20 bonus points awarded for each game played at SaltFire Brewing (Mondays at 6 & 7pm)

$1500 in prize money on the line! (League winner – $500, Finals winner – $1000)


Teams may register for the tournament here.

Teams must present the same team name and PIN to hosts throughout the tournament for team scores to count toward this tournament.

The team maximum of eight players will be strictly enforced during the tournament. Teams which attend a GNL Trivia event with nine or more players will be required to split up, even if the team in question is registered.

Teams are encouraged to attend as many GNL Trivia events as possible during league play. A current, full schedule is printed on our score sheet as well as at

Scores will be updated weekly by Tuesday, at the bottom of this page.

Teams must attend and play at the finals Sunday August 21st at 1pm at SaltFire Brewing Co, to be eligible for any prize consideration. At least one core member of an invited team must be present.