League Standings

Team Name Total Score 9/9/18 9/10/18 9/11/18 9/12/18 9/13/18 9/14/18 9/15/18
Meh 112 47 65
Panda-monium 92 92
Beer Me 87 87
3 minds plus 85 85
Triple Secret Probation 80 80
Ellwood 76 76
Derangerous 73 73
Beer, Sex, Pizza 73 73
Mexican Battle Llamas 72 72
Gee Bees 70 70
Titanic Swim Team 69 69
Gut Vibration 68 68
Electric Mayhem 66 66
Labrakadabradors 63 63
Ghouls & Magnets 62 62
Better Late Than Pregnant 61 61
Beer Ate My Homework 56 56
Team AuD 55 55
Mystery Team 53 53
The Twins 50 50
HartenSoul 50 50
The Old Lady 48 48
Rogues 46 46
Me, Myself, and Jeff 43 43
BBGXM 42 42
Beer Pressure 40 40
I’m Mr MeeSeeks! 31 31
Face Down, Toes Up, That’s the Way We Knit Our Socks 13 13
Tank 0
Tank 0
Take Ass Kick Names 0
Palpatines New Groove 0
Meh 0
Make Trivia Great Again 0
Lone Wolves 0
Giggle Thumpers 0
Dewey, Cheatam and Howe 0


Fall League for Idaho Starting Soon!


Teams may register for league play by providing their GNL host with a team name and a valid e-mail. Once this is provided your team will be entered into league play. It is not necessary to provide a team e-mail more than once.TRIVIA LEAGUE RULES

New teams may register at any point during league play.

Teams must use the same team name throughout league play. GNL cannot guarantee points earned while playing under a different name than the one registered will count towards league standings. For league purposes, GNL hosts are not responsible for keeping track of team name changes.

The team maximum of eight players will be strictly enforced during league play. Teams which attend a GNL Trivia event with nine or more players will be required to split up, even if the team in question is registered for league play.

Teams are encouraged to attend as many GNL Trivia Treasure Valley and/or Wood River events as possible during league play. A current, full schedule is printed on our score sheet as well as available on our Facebook group and at gamenightlive.com.

Scores will be updated weekly on our web site at gamenightlive.com.

Teams must attend the GNL Trivia Finals to be eligible for any prize consideration. At least one core member of an invited team must be present.



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