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CONGRATULATIONS to our Fall 2019 League Winners!

League Winners:
1. Soulless Boise Boners
2. Labrakadabradors

Finals Winners:
1. Derangerous
2. Team Gorg

Dear GNL League Teams of AWESOMENESS!

We wanted to reach out and update you on a few things.

1) Leagues are suspended effective end of day Friday, March 13th.  All points to that date are saved.  Leagues will resume after this passes.

2) All our games are now livestream Tuesday-Thursday 7-9 MST.  Go to www.GameNightLive.com/covid-19/ to see how it works.

3) Anyone around the country can play. So life sucks right now…might as well play trivia!  Go to our IG page or our national FB page and share our posts on this on your personal IG and FB pages.

4) Since you are all hardcore GNL folks we do want your help.   Please grab another team or person from around the country to play.  They can register under the GNL stream (this will make sense when you go to the website link).  Again, go to our IG page or our national FB page and share our posts on this on your personal IG and FB pages.

5) The more teams = the more $ we raise = the more venue staff we help.  We got this!  COVID be damned!

6) The wednesday night streams for the NEXT 3 WEEKS will be themed.  TUESDAY AND THURSDAYS will be NORMAL TRIVIA:)  Here is the Wednesday theme game schedule.

-Wednesday April 1st Harry Potter
-Wednesday April 8th Friends

The worst thing to happen is for good people to do nothing.  We all can choose to be good and instead of laying in the damn fetal position, we have an opportunity right here, right now, to stand up and do something.  We got this.  Together we can make a dent…and we will.  That is how GNL has ALWAYS rolled…and will continue to do so.  It is on the backdrop of difficulty and tragedy that a tapestry of hope is made.  

Much love to you all…


the entire GNL team.

League Standings