League Standings

GNL Idaho Spring 2018 Trivia League

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The GNL Idaho Spring 2018 Trivia League is underway!

Week 2 Recap: 15 more teams joined the league in Week 2 to bring the grand total to 49. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Just do so with your host at any GNL Trivia game in the Treasure or Wood River Valleys.

Congratulations to So What? at Whole Foods for achieving the week’s highest single-game score (49), as well as the week’s highest one-night score (88). Your league leader after Week 2 are the Mexican Battle Llamas, who played solid games at Ironwood Social on Tuesday and Eagle Triple Tap on Thursday. Three of the current top five teams played at multiple venues last week. That’s how it’s done!

Teams in BOLD are currently in position to finish in the top 15 and therefore secure an invite to our City Finals Tournament to play for the winner-take-all $1,000 prize in April. However, it’s very early in the season, and there’s a LOT more trivia to be played. Expect a lot of movement between now and then. Don’t forget to check back next week!

Week 2 Standings (games through 18 February 2018)

Name Signup Venue Overall Score
Mexican Battle Llamas Ironwood Social 238
Ellwood Mad Swede 178
So What? Whole Foods 177
Team Ramrod Double Tap 167
Fact Bastards Barbarian Brewing 164
Jeffrey Dahmer’s House of Ribs Quinn’s 162
FYD Quinn’s 160
I Am Smarticus Mad Swede 152
Low Expectations Clairvoyant Brewing 150
Why Does It Burn Ironwood Social 148
Send Bobs Wingers 136
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Triple Tap 132
Menace to Sobriety White Dog Brewing 129
Still Into Crystals Double Tap 124
Labrakadabradors Double Tap 119
The Shuttlecocks Ironwood Social 103
3 Minds + Quinn’s 95
Threat Level Midnight Barbarian Brewing 94
Trebek’s Rejects Wingers 89
Honey Badgers Mad Swede 85
Tom’s Moms Whole Foods 78
Tide Pods for Dinner Clairvoyant Brewing 76
That’s What She Said! Sawtooth (Hailey) 72
Future Medical Malpractice Lawsuits of America Clairvoyant Brewing 72
Pow Pow Wingers 70
Beer Sex Pizza Triple Tap 64
We Are John Cena Whole Foods 61
Nerd Herd Sawtooth (Hailey) 55
Iceholes Wingers 51
Worst to First Wingers 47
Deena’s Old Clairvoyant Brewing 46
Tequila Mockingbird Quinn’s 43
Trivial Sharks Barbarian Brewing 39
The 4 Dumbasses Wingers 36
Sunshine Cat Trap Ironwood Social 35
Wynns Heritage Hop Haus 32
Dilly Dilly Heritage Hop Haus 31
Vajayjay Wingers 31
Quizzards Ironwood Social 22
Chainsaw Prophylactics Tap & Cask 20
Here for Beer Heritage Hop Haus 20
Cat-ion Heritage Hop Haus 20
Basketball Jones Dwellers 16
Smiley Sam’s Smokehouse 16
All By My Lonesome Heritage Hop Haus 6
Cruzeiro Whole Foods 5
BudFit Quinn’s 0
Quizly Bears Quinn’s 0


Teams may register for league play by providing their GNL host with a team name and a valid e-mail. Once this is provided your team will be entered into league play. It is not necessary to provide a team e-mail more than once.

New teams may register at any point during league play.

Teams must use the same team name throughout league play. GNL cannot guarantee points earned while playing under a different name than the one registered will count towards league standings. For league purposes, GNL hosts are not responsible for keeping track of team name changes.

The team maximum of eight players will be strictly enforced during league play. Teams which attend a GNL Trivia event with nine or more players will be required to split up, even if the team in question is registered for league play.

Teams are encouraged to attend as many GNL Trivia Treasure Valley and/or Wood River events as possible during league play. A current, full schedule is printed on our score sheet as well as available on our Facebook group and at gamenightlive.com.

Scores will be updated weekly on our web site at gamenightlive.com.

League play begins February 5, 2018, and ends April 22, 2018. At the end of league play the top 15 teams will be invited to the GNL Trivia Finals to be held at Solid Grill & Bar (405 S 8th St, Boise) on Saturday, April 28, 2018. In the event of a tie for 15th place, all tied teams will receive invitations. There will not be any “alternate” invitations.

Teams must attend the GNL Trivia Finals to be eligible for any prize consideration. At least one core member of an invited team must be present as well.

You may e-mail lane@gamenightlive.com with any questions or concerns. Please include your team name and your usual venue in your correspondence.


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