Work FOr Us – Become A Host

Make the biggest and best mist…uh, decision of your life. Work for us.

What We Give You:

  • The questions AND the answers – so no worries if you missed out on getting that second doctorate
  • Access to our sound equipment
  • A weekly show to call your own
  • Legit training

We’re not needy, but here’s what you can give us:

  • Your word that you are 21 or older as of this exact moment
  • Game-loving and engaging personality
  • Dependability – you’ll show up, run your game, and act with integrity
  • Assurances that you have a functional laptop or tablet and something to take pictures with
  • A promise in blood that you are staying in your city for at least 6 months and willing to commit to working for us for at least 3 months.

If you are 21 + as of this exact moment in time, have a reliable laptop or tablet, something to take pictures with, and are crazy enough to commit to working with us for at least 3 months, then by all means, hit the apply button.

*You will need to grab your phone and submit a short video with your application