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Game Night Live Is The Purveyor Of The Best Live-Hosted Games Around The Country.

I’m All In Already Because Like Hall & Oates, “You Make My Dreams Come True”:

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Great Odds for you to Make Some Fat Cash

Tiered Pricing

Only pay based on the number of people playing while they eat and drink at your venue for 2 hours so the night is profitable from the jump. This allows us the time for our hosts and marketing department to grow it into one of your busiest nights of the week.

We like big butts... (in seats)

Pub games try to keep people at your venue longer, bring them back week after week, and have them bring their friends . If that’s the case, then we are Barry Bonds because we do that on steroids. Here’s how:

  • Our events allow you to reach more people, not just graduate degree jeopardy champs
  • Our games don’t discriminate based on age, gender or learning style
  • Our games allow you to be the space where people put their phones away, talk to each other, eat, drink and have the best damn night of their week…then begin to invite their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe even weird uncles because (are you sick of us saying this yet???) our games are made for everyone.

Boost Your Brand

without having to drop six figures on a marketing agency that may or may not work

Partner with us and watch your brand get in front of infinitely more sets of eyes.

Through our customized events, you brand will be associated with the best night of the week for players.

Our marketing department will spread the word to current and future players via:

  • the best social media channels
  • the web
  • print media
  • other creative means

Our trained GNL hosts will promote your event every week.

*We will also work with your marketing team to ensure the best results.

game night live players

Turnkey events

that won't lead you to stress-induced drinking

Staffing and training is hard enough. Let us provide the trained host who brings the fun every week.

We provide the nation’s most fun and accessible games.

We provide the PA equipment (*depending on venue technology, we can connect to your TVs)

We provide a full-time marketing department that will help spread the word about your venue.

All pub games are created Equal

Is your pub the same as everyone else’s pub?

Is Sharknado up there with Harry Potter?

Of course not, so why do people think trivia is trivia is trivia?

or… bingo is bingo is bingo?

Doesn’t matter your age, gender, learning style, or level of degree. Everybody can join in.

Nobody leaves feeling stupid (confession time: we suck at jeopardy. In fact, we don’t know if we’d be let in the doors to watch)

You still have to earn first place and we don’t give participation trophies.

Do you tell your kids to put their phones away? We do. Be the places where people put their phones away and build community the healthy way.

Our industry-leading game creation allows you the ability to reach more people who might never darken your doors otherwise.

Trust issues? We got you.

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