We Are Giving Away Concert Tickets In Support of Women’s Equality

Mind The Gap

We Are Giving Away Tickets For Mind The Gap Music Festival ūüėé

Mind The Gap Music Festival is happening on Women’s Equality Day, August 26th at The Gateway. Featuring a range of genres and styles, the Mind the Gap Music Festival’s lineup showcases nationally acclaimed and up-and-coming artists, as well as talented local musicians including Beach Bunny, Yaeji, Sales, Orion Sun, Destroy Boys, Jadu Heart and more.

Their mission is to celebrate and empower the voices of women and marginalized communities, while bringing attention to the gaps in gender equality that still exist in Utah and beyond.¬†Mind The Gap Festival will contribute funds from every ticket sold to a scholarship fund for individuals interested in pursuing a degree at Salt Lake Community College’s school of arts, communications and media.¬†

Mind The Gap will focuses on 4 “equality gaps”. ¬†Those are:

The Income Gap, Executive Position Gap, Educational Attainment Gap, and Political Representation Gap.

We are giving away GA tickets to the festival at a select list of our Utah venues throughout the summer month. Keep an eye out on social media over the next few weeks for information on where you can win tickets.

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