Idaho Spring league 2024

Join a Trivia League And Compete Against Other Teams For A Chance To Win Thousands In Cash + Prizes. All Of Our Leagues Are Free To Join and Free To Play.

Starting 01/21/24 – Idaho Spring League

Win Your Share Of Thousands In Cash + Prizes

January 21st – April 13th

How It Works


Register Your Team: First, Register your team on our website. You’ll receive a unique 5 digit pin number. Keep it safe – it’s your team’s identity that you have to give to the GNL host EVERY TIME you play. Click here to register your team now.

Play Play Play:  You can play as many nights each week as you wish (you cannot play twice on the same night) as those points accumulate throughout the entire league season.

And remember, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the League standings at the end of the season win $$$$$.

Bonus Points: There are a number of venues where you can earn free points at each night just for playing there. See below for the list of bonus point venues. But don’t stress too hard, all venues points count even if it is not a bonus point venue.

Check Your Progress: You can monitor your team’s progress on our website’s scoreboard. It’s always thrilling to watch your points pile up, right?

League Rules


League play runs from January 21st – April 13th.

Finals date and locations:

Saturday, April 27th
Doors open at Noon – Game starts at 1:00pm

Heritage Social Club 
5467 N Glenwood St
Boise, ID 83714

Teams must present the same team name and 5 digit pin each night to the GNL hosts throughout the league for team scores to count toward this league.

The team maximum of eight players will be strictly enforced during the league. Teams that attend a GNL Trivia event with nine or more players will be required to split up, even if the team in question is registered.

Teams are encouraged to attend as many GNL Trivia events as possible during league play. A current, full schedule is printed on our score sheet as well as at Your team can only play once per night.

Teams must attend and play at the finals to be eligible for any prize consideration. At least one core member of an invited team must be present and play at the finals event.

Any teams caught cheating by GNL will be docked points & may end up being disqualified from the league entirely (do not be a turd please). Speaking of turds…GNL can disqualify any team we want if you are being turds. FYI.


Bonus Points

+5 Highlands Hollow

+5 Papa Joe’s
+10 Heritage Social Club

+5 Sockeye
+5 Beers Sports Pub
+5 Clairvoyant

+10 Twisted District
+5 Madswede 


+5 Riverside (Horseshoe Bend)
+5 Clairvoyant West


+5 Sockeye

Defending Champions

Soulless Boise Boners

Standings – Idaho Trivia League